November 12, 2018
Lear Corporation
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Manufacturing Company SEO Case Study

The purpose of this case study is to share our expertise in seo audit for manufacturing companies. Lear Corporation is a global leader in automotive seating and electronic systems. This client asked for assistance with onsite and offsite seo audit. The website was big and had a lot of information, yet it received little search traffic. The website needed a significant number of lead-generating keywords and could have performed better for keywords that were competitive with their goods and services. As a result, their website did not rank at the top of the serp. When we started working on the client’s website, none of the priority keywords we were monitoring were on the first page of Google. The customer was ranked #63 in Google for the top-priority keyword.

“Our focus was to aim digital marketing including optimizing quality content to get qualified leads.”

Our SEO Audit Process For Manufacturing Companies

We began with a technical SEO strategy with onsite and offshore page optimizations. Our seo strategies were focused to reach target audience and ranking better. To solve technical issues including broken links, slowly loading pages, and crucial content that was at the bottom of the page, we conducted SEO audits. We also added a backlinking campaign to strengthen URLs that are critical to their products and services and to establish domain trust. We added more keywords to the body copy and other critical areas of each web page because they are crucial to any SEO efforts because they establish relevancy to organic search results. In order to improve click-through rates (CTRs), onsite optimization tasks included changing crucial title tags and meta descriptions. We optimized and reduced all of the site’s graphics and photos in order to improve image search results. We also suggested brand-new articles and blog posts, such as “How to” and “Why Use” pieces, which respond to frequent search queries and gradually increase website traffic from long-tail keywords. In order to promote related pages for offered products and services and extend time on site, we also did link building to key blog page content with other pages.


As we already mentioned, the client had no first-page Google Rankings when we started working with them. The client’s ranking on Google for the most essential keyword was number 63. The customer currently has 10 first-page Google Rankings for priority keywords. The client’s website is currently ranked #2 in Google for its top-priority keyword. Overall, since we began working, we’ve witnessed a 3X boost in website traffic and a 6X rise in leads.


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