May 15, 2018
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O SaaS SEO Case Study

In this case study, I’ll tell you how I assisted my friend’s website,, and how we were able to reverse a negative trend in traffic and double their organic traffic in just six months. We’ll give you a brief summary of how we achieved it in the hopes that you can pick up some tips to use on your website. The SEO for the client’s website had some results in the past. Their primary marketing channel, organic search, helped them grow their eCommerce business from zero to seven figures. The caliber of their content and their involvement in industry-related communities were their key advantages. Their traffic began to decrease as a result of the increased competition in SERPs. They had lost about 50% of their organic traffic in just 11 months. Unfortunately, their efforts to change the trend were failing.

Our Plan of Action

Finding out where traffic was waning was of utmost importance so that we could begin to deduce reasons for and solutions. Along with the traffic pattern, we looked at each update made to the website in the previous year. We conducted a thorough technical audit over the course of two days, during which I found 18 problems that needed to be fixed. The quick wins were given top priority therefore we ranked them in order of importance. We met with the engineers to review each one and divide them between us, along with their marketing specialist. In addition to the already declining page traffic, the new pieces failed to draw in enough readers to buck the trend. The chosen themes and keywords were too specific. They lacked sufficient search volume. We maintained the weekly publication schedule of one article and set a target of at least 1,000 visits per piece every month. I guided their digital marketer in all facets of SEO for the duration of the assignment as well as the past month.

The Results

Results don’t usually happen by chance. We had set goals on important metrics, as we normally do at the beginning of a project. With a small traffic gain of 4% from month to month, we were able to reverse the decreasing trends in 3 months. The traffic increased for the first time in almost a year during that month. After three months, the monthly traffic has nearly doubled from the month when it was at its lowest point.

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