May 15, 2015
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Die-casting case study

The Challenge and Solution

Castingod is a global manufacturing company that works as a die-casting manufacturer. The company indicates its expertise in conventional and multi-slide precision components along with aluminum casting molds. This aluminium die-casting company had some problems with its websites that were reducing its brand awareness. Moreover, the site also had a technical crawl issue that prevented search engines from understanding it well. They dreamed of a well-reputed site on all online platforms that would rank among authentic websites. The Castingod industry had almost zero brand visibility and some serious competitors. SEO PCB regarded their requirements and showed them the possibilities of outcomes with their strategic consulting and problem-solving paving maps. That was not the rest; the expert team of SEO PCB crafted the checklist of technical issues and built a topical brand authority strategy. Moreover, the SEO agency for aluminum die-casting concentrates on the metrics that create issues with crawl ability and indexing on search engines.

Working Process

The superior team, with their hard work and potential, used a careful and organized strategy that met the requirements of semantic content planning. They planned, arranged, and figured out the content sharing and indexing in a way that made it super impactful. Through analyzing the site’s performance and database, we came to know the failure screws of the site’s crawl ability. We work on all on-page SEO stages and put in the relevant Meta tags and URLs. The Meta tags and content strategy gave signals to crawlers about the information on the site, and we succeeded in indexing all pages within a few days. The other matter was brand awareness. The expertly structured, valuable insights were there. Our SEO PCB team just needed the right keywords and content structured in the right way to capture those search users for brand promotion.

Perfect Result

The successful teamwork of our SEO agency for die-cast aluminum with Castingod Company clearly showed us the significant differences between the before and after site results.

The structured marketing approach and thorough research were grounded in a high level of online presence for this die-casting aluminum industry. We increased their branded traffic by 41.74%. That fuels its site’s authentication and trustworthiness among its core customers. Further implementation of comprehensive URLs and Meta tag incorporation with unique content made the web pages crawled and indexed. As a result, among its top indexed pages, the home page (Global Die Casting | Diecasting Company | Castingod) has surprisingly generated 15,477 backlinks from 301 domains.

The CEO of Dynacast Agency remarks on the SEOPCB by stating:

“Hiring the specialized agency for our die casting agency has been a game changer. We saw a lucrative surge in our site traffic. Their adept SEO techniques and a decade of experience are highly encouraged and recommended to all relevant sites. Because of their impactful efforts, we now stand as a strong contender in the market.”



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