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Fashion Ecommerce SEO Audit: Retail Store Case Study (2023)

ecommerce case study

Fashion ecommerce industry is booming and yet it has a lot of potential for those who have not started selling their products online. According to Forbes, the global ecommerce market will grow by $ 6 trillion at the end of 2023. Similarly, it will reach $8 trillion by 2028. The important question is how ecommerce stores can be part of this massive success.  The answer is; a practical ecommerce seo audit.

First of all, we shall discuss an ecommerce seo case study. It is to give our reader a brief overview of how retail stores shifted to online platforms to reach their potential customers.

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 As I’m sure you know, there have been quite a few algorithm updates in the past 12 months especially Google Core Update took place on 18th March 2023.

Optimized website

A Case Study On Fashion Brands Ecommerce Sites SEO Audit

I will show you a detailed case study regarding your project where we worked for a few months and got very good growth. How we did do it and what was the project about? You need to stay with us so you can get started with us.

So we got the project of one of the Chinese top three ecommerce stores; Taobao.  This site comes with thousands of products. We can say over 8000. It means that 8000 products mean it’s a huge product. It’s a country-specific website targeting specifically so you can say that it’s an e-commerce website.

 We are going to do basically case study for an e-commerce website. It’s going to be e-commerce SEO. So first things first, we did the SEO audit. You know we figured out a few things because it was a big site apart from 8000 products. The search volume of organic trffaic was quite low.

Poor Product Descriptions With Broken Links

It had a few page content articles plus contact us, about us, and other relevant pages. We discovered a lot of pages that have low content including product pages. We also discovered insufficient long tail keywords and broken links. I understand that when the site is big then there can be issues with broken links. Interlinking is very important and very necessary. It takes a lot of hard work to learn a single visitor on our website. Therefore, we now must recommend that visitors to other pages of our website.

content format

We want our visitors to keep on browsing other pages of order. We do not want to lose the visitor, and we want him or her to keep on browsing our website, which is vital. Linking is very good; even interlinking also helps you in building Tropical Authority, which I will discuss later on. But interlinking calls are also good for boosting other Pages.

You know the juice the page has, and if you interlink with other Pages, it will pass over to the other pages of your website as well. So, which is right — linking is also good. We discovered some bad links on the Google search console. It was due to a few technical issues on the website like elements being too close together, and issues like those in the Google search analytics.

How did we figure out issues during ecommerce seo audit?

We figure out those issues, and we got it solved as well. We also saw outdated plugins on the website, you know when the website has all outdated plugins, it can actually be very harmful.

  • The site can be hacked
  • It can be slow
  • Google crawling can be slow too
  • The site will be slow and do not remember, and do not forget one thing is that a second late is the second loss.

As a marketer, we do not want our visitors to think about any other thing while they are visiting our website. So whenever they press the enter button, we do not want them to think about anything else.  To make sure to happen this process, we need to get our website loaded as soon as possible. So you need to get:

  1. good hosting
  2. xml sitemap
  3. SSD hosting
  4. all optimized plugins
  5.  and wherever possible, you need to do tokens

 You can even do CD and cognitive Liberty Network or whatever optimization is required, but you need to get it done.

For Better User Experience Google Likes Fresh Content On Website

Because we cannot compromise on this thing, okay? We also saw Pages that were not updated about a year ago. We had some outdated pages on the website. Google wants the latest content on the website. We believe that outdated content is a cause of concern, just like low content, which is the cause of concern because Google does not tell you that these Pages have issues.

fresh content

You have to figure them out yourself. Similarly, the pages which are not updated a year ago are in the same scenario. They are also a cause of concern, even:

  • if they have class content
  •  even if it covers everything
  • updated very well-structured content
  • everything is superb, amazing

But if the content is outdated or it is being posted on a very old date, you will be hardly able to get a good ranking with it. I guess I have seen a few websites with old content ranking well, but that number

is going down over the year.  That is why I do not think it’s a good idea to keep your content outdated or with old posts. There is another thing ecommerce seo canonical which can be very fruitful too.

We also discussed Google search too close together. I just discussed the site design issue as well, for when I discussed some bad links in Google search console because we also discovered some people. You know, combat us doing battling. So we have to disable links to remove those links on our website from our external linking to our website. Because they were causing also a cause of concern. Some comparator did bombard a few bad links to our website, okay?

How to fix ecommerce products not being indexed or crawled?

So, you know that if you have a website and have a page that is not indexed on Google, that is actually not a good sign. So, you need to figure it out, and you have to remove Pages that are not indexed on Google search console.

You need to get them indexed. It can be due to a robots.txt error or any other error, or if you have a page with very low content.  It can also be a cause for concern. If, for any reason, there is Content that you have on your website but it’s not indexed on Google, you need your alarm should ring on this.


Something is wrong with the website, and you need to get it sorted. You know, the last thing was there’s a setting in Google search console where you can set your country for a specific. In case you want to Target a specific country to get improved results for local results in a specific country.

You can select a specific country from the Google search console to tell the Google search console that I am targeting a specific country. And because we haven’t set a specific country for this, even though we know that the website also has a physical store in two different cities in that country.

The website was also driving offline visitors, and we were even running a campaign of Google ads, where the task was to get visits to the local store. So, keeping in mind all these things, we were not doing International targeting or a search console.

That was another cause of concern for us, you know, we figured out those things.  You know we did those quick fixes. Anyone can do it, but a detailed SEO audit is necessary to determine where your website is having problems.

Your Competitor is Your teacher In International Ecommerce SEO

Moving on, we also did a few tweaking. Your competitors are your best teachers. You learn from either your mistakes or either from your competitor. If your competitor is successful, it means that he’s just successful for a specific reason. It is an essential part of technical seo ecommerce.

If he can be successful, why not you? You just need to figure out and find out that specific reason. That is why his business is working online. I’m not saying to copy-paste but learn, get inspiration from that, and do your own work and improve your website. In a, you know, like if your competitor has two USPs (Unique Selling Propositions), I’m not saying to copy those tools but rather come up with their own three variations of USPs.


In case if you don’t have it and we also you know single alone feature of regular post updates was very good for us. If we got a pill of improvement through that which is why I say that regular post updates are very good.  You need to keep on doing it and we even keep on regularly updating old posts you know regularly updating Old Post.

It also helped us and we also worked on the content structure.  We also worked on the backlinks but before I move to the backlinks part.  

How did we grow with ecommerce research seo tools?

So now, move on to the important part, and that is how we were able to grow. Because I told you before that the tweakings we did, the SEO audit we did. Then now move on to the SEO strategy we did. So, you know what we did was we created 20 Pages to gain tropical Authority, uh, topical Authority using the serial structure for sealer structure. Then for a backlink strategy, we did where we got, we tried to work to get website Authority.

I know that if a website gains Authority, other pages will automatically start getting ranked for that keyword. So, your core focus is to give the website its hard Authority.

If you can gain website Authority, then you will be able to get even naturally rank Pages for lower keyword KD (Keyword Difficulty) lower keyword difficulty keywords easily, even sometimes without a backlink, in case your website Authority is good. So, we focus on that with a few secret links, and our next exercise was to provide SEO power signals.

Social Media Analysis To Improve Ecommerce SEO Audit Results

You know, we got social signals uh covered to those 20 posts. We did a social sickness to 500 products as well. In case you ask for visual signals, we primarily use, I won’t be hiding you guys. We used:

  • Twitter
  •  Facebook
  • Tumblr
  •  Pinterest
  •  and Reddit.

So, these were the Thrive method of uh social signals we got in the uh for the for that 520 pages. And because we did it slowly and gradually, this was not a one-day thing like we did one day, and data all power the signals. And you know, we had to do repeated power signals to even to a certain post, uh, to get a huge jump.

Blog Commenting Is Essential in Enterprise SEO Ecommerce

But apart from that, we also did block commenting.  We also did:

  1. Forum profiles
  2.  we also did edu wagglings
  3.  few government backlinks

Another thing where we did it was internal linking. And then, you know, we got another strategy, and that was we created a specific YouTube channel review Channel. We got it rang and passed the juice to the main Pages.

Because, you know we had around 8000 products. We created around a few products, and less than even 100 created YouTube video reviews and had an individual link going to each page of that product for which we created the video review. We started to try to rank those YouTube videos because the YouTube domain has authority.

We did the same formula of backlinking that we did for the main website. And then, when uh, it started ranked, we passed the juice to the main domain, and then, you know, we were able to rank.

Now, there are if you ask me that is it the sky, no, this is not the sky. There can be further plans which needs to be done to get further Improvement in rankings. Since we have not yet uh escalated mobile Pages amp installed due to configuration issues with the website because the website also has WooCommerce and other plugins. You know we had issues with a web development team because we are not managing their web development team.

Use Ecommerce SEO Intelligence For Regular Content Update

We can also focus on regular updates of content, and keep on updating all posts even now because they are not no longer low content. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is ended here. We need to even keep on updating our old content, and this can further improve our SEO rankings, uh, in my opinion.

I also believe that we can also create a small web 2.0 and can get them ranked individually for the same results. Then pass the juice to the main website. But for that, we need more broad Authority before doing Web 2.0 things. So, this was on, uh, let me add another slide.

Summing Up Ecommerce SEO Case Study

case study

So, this was a case study regarding Taobao case study e-commerce. Taobao Case study where we discussed the website. Its traffic got increased by 126 percent using a few of the strategies. SEO is not difficult at all, let me be honest with you. SEO is all about strategy and patience. If you find it difficult, why not hiring seo ecommerce consultants like SEOPCB.

You need to be updated with the latest knowledge of happenings in the SEO industry. You need to know what is working well, you need to know what Google likes and what Google does not like.