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Choosing China SEO Agency For Local SEO in 2023

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Because of our search engine marketing agency in China, we receive almost daily emails from many small business owners from all over the world. They want us to help them improve their local SEO visibility and their Google My Business rankings. According to Benzinga Insider Report, the global seo market will reach a whopping $7184.19 million by 2028. These statistics show the role of local and international SEO companies in making any business profitable.

In 2022 Google earned $160 billion through Google Ads

Google ads earning 2022

If we look at top 5 search engines ads market share, it will be the following:

top 5 search engines market share ads 2022
  • Google is No 1 search Engine with 58% share
  • Baidu comes in 2nd number with 15%
  • Amazon on 3rd number with 14%
  • Bing is in 4th with 6%
  • Yahoo is in 5th with 2% only

Let’s come back to the topic again on search engine marketing in China. Several companies be it manufacturing or e-commerce, they should go for an seo audit.

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Don’t get us wrong. We are not saying this to brag by the way. But we are always stunned when we open our inbox and someone from Australia, India or America is asking little old me based in London. How much do we charge for our SEO services?

Surely there must be scammers who prey on business owners’ lack of knowledge and understanding of the industry to sell SEO services. Hence, they can make a quick buck. This has made any business owner worth their soul suspicious about engaging with local SEO professionals.

Why a search engine marketing agency?

 Being a certified Baidu SEO agency in China, we try to give our customers the best possible search engine optimization techniques. If you really want to increase your visibility exponentially and focus your time on running your business it’s probably best to seek help from an SEO specialist or agency.

You’re not a mechanic so when you need your car to be fixed you take it to the garage, right? You’re not a SEO expert so why shouldn’t you pay for professional local SEO services?

How to find a China SEO company?

The question is how you find a good local SEO company in China that will deliver value for money. That’s what we are going to help you with today.

 Hi, my name is Kinzer, the founder of SEOPCB.COM; the first manufacturing seo company in China. As I’ve already mentioned there are plenty of local SEO scammers operating online. So before you rush to your favorite search engine and frantically start searching for the best local SEO professionals in your area.

 Let me start by giving you some of the most obvious signs.

how to identify scammers seo agencies
  1. You need to look out to unmask any imposter
  2.  Anyone claiming they can get your business to the number one spot or on the first page of Google Results or Google Maps is simply lying
  3. Sadly there are plenty of these individuals online when I search for local SEO on the biggest freelance marketplace on the web

 There seem to be many freelancers who claim they can get you to the top of Google and at a ridiculously low price too.

Controlling Search Engine Algorithms is Not Possible

 It’s simply not possible to guarantee rankings for any business or any listing. Nobody controls Google. If you see anyone making such claims just run for the hills.

 Another service you frequently see being offered is the creation of thousands of citations which are essentially mentions of your:

  • Business name address
  • Phone numbers in digital directories to create additional online visibility again for very little money

Any local SEO professional will tell you this is completely unnecessary. You should steer clear of anyone offering you this type of service.

Although it is useful to create citations for your business in key directories such as:

  • Yelp
  •  the yellow pages
  •  Bing and a few others

Creating thousands of them is plain stupid. Another popular offering you might come across is called Google Maps.

 The idea behind this is to build a custom Google map with dozens of pins dotted around your business. From which you are driving directions to your business location. This also includes keywords you are trying to rank for.

Hence, you can dominate Google Maps and again all is done for you for a pittance. Some local SEO agencies have even included this as a fully-fledged service on their website. This tactic is simply laughable and total nonsense. If it was that easy and that cheap everybody would be doing it.

 There are plenty of other dodgy SEO tactics out there. I’m not going to go through them all to make things simple. What you need to remember there is no shortcut to good China search engine optimization. Anyone offering cheap services that guarantee results should be avoided like the player instead.

This is what you need to do first.

 What do you want a SEO agency to do for your business?

Most of the time when I speak to new clients and ask them what they want to achieve? The answer is almost always the same.

“I want to be number one for OEM parts manufacturers in the US.”

For example, it’s not necessarily a bad idea. How good is it likely to be for you when prospective customers find you online and realize they need to travel miles before they get to your location? They simply won’t bother not to mention it. It is likely to be hard to achieve such ranking tech time and cost money to aim for more realistic goals.

seopcb china

For instance, I want to rank for relevant keywords close to my business location. They will bring me more customers. That’s why rankings shouldn’t be the only goals you should set.

Because they are just an indication of how well you are doing ranking number one for keywords that bring no business is pointless. What matters at the end of the day is your bottom line. And how many new customers a SEO agency will be able to generate through organic traffic?

You might also want to think about which services you want to prioritize. As a goal of sticking with our OEM parts manufacturer SEO example let’s imagine custom metal parts. If there is their biggest money-making service this means the agency would need to prioritize that aspect rather than a more generic manufacturing SEO activity.

They’ll need to do the right China seo keyword ranking create dedicated content to target the right terms etc. It’s important to define these goals. So they can be used as a measure of success and you can understand if you’re getting value for money.

A Local SEO Agency Always Ask For Business Objectives

A good local Baidu seo service should always ask you what your goals are before working with you. If they don’t, I suggest you consider working with someone else. If they do and once you’ve agreed on your goals, you can move on to the next step and ask them to go through.

How SEOPCB does perform website SEO audits for Chinese companies?

 How they intend to reach your goals and describe their ways of working Every local SEO agency will use its methodology. However, the overall approach should be similar across the board. Always start with an in-depth analysis of your existing performance in the form of an audit this helps assess your existing visibility.

  1. How many customers you are currently getting from your organic traffic?
  2. How far you might be from reaching the targets you want to hit?

As an example, I’m just going to give you a glimpse of the audit. I conduct with new clients which should help you gauge what you could expect from an agency using various tools.

I will start by looking at the:

  • Current performance of the website in terms of traffic conversions and best keywords over the past 12 months
  •  I will do something similar for the Google My Business listing
  • Look at how well the listing is doing across Google Maps
  •  I will then collect information for over a hundred data points and SEO signals
  • highlight any issues that need to be corrected as well as check some of the competitors’ key ranking signals for comparison purposes

I will also check all content pages on the site to understand what is working and what isn’t. If there are any redundant or duplicate pages as well as look at keywords some of the competitors are ranking for which my client isn’t.

I will also include a full keyword analysis which looks at all the keywords my client is ranking for and makes further recommendations based on his goals. From this audit, I’m able to establish a roadmap. It can be prioritized by category.

How can businesses track our SEO performance in real time?

Each item can be tackled one by one an audit of this type can take several days to complete. It is key to improve any local business’s online visibility and drive more traffic and customers through their doors. Every good local SEO agency in China should produce something similar which should be followed by regular reports.

So you can keep track of your progress. This is when the goal-setting exercise becomes useful. The report should show the key performance indicators. You agreed with the agency so you can see if you’re spending your money wisely.

Your agency should also require your involvement. It’s not just a question of handing you money over and asking them to do all the work. Local websites and Google listings optimizations require local content.

A good local SEO agency will want you to take pictures maybe write some content or at the very least review the content. They write and in some cases shoot some videos. As I said every agency will work in slightly different ways. But overall this is the kind of approach you should expect when you start talking with them.

 But the question is how you find an agency that ticks all of those boxes. Word of mouth is still one of the most efficient marketing tools. Speak to other business owners and ask them if they are working with a local SEO agency. If they are any good then grab their details.

Don’t go searching for the best local SEO agency near me in China in Google hoping to find the golden goose. Ironically most website owners who rank at the top of search engines for this kind of keywords spend more time optimizing their pages than anything else.

Is it good to find a local SEO agency in China?

So they can grab unaware clients instead of trying to search for a keyword in a competitive vertical near you. Check which businesses rank at the top of the page from these businesses up and ask if they work with a local SEO agency.

Manufacturing seo china

If they’d be willing to pass on the details to you don’t pick one of your competitors’ websites. Likely, an agency that is working with them won’t want to work with you. Because it wouldn’t be very ethical to check any agency’s reputation through online reviews and read what people have to say.

Although reviews can be manipulated it’s still a good indicator of quality once you’ve narrowed down your search. Get in touch with the agency themselves and start engaging with them. Before you sign on the dotted line ask them to provide:

  • audit samples
  •  report samples
  • any case study they are willing to share

It’s important you find someone who specializes in local SEO, not generic SEO. There are two different beasts. So always look for local SEO professionals.

My Final Remarks About

 Finally don’t expect to work with an agency on the cheap local seo tax time and is labor intensive. So be ready to dig into your pockets. Most good professionals I know will not consider working with a client unless they spend a minimum of 600 to 800 a month.

 Ideally, you can find someone who doesn’t charge on a retainer basis. This is a sign they feel confident enough about their skills. Don’t feel the need to lock you in some sort of contract. It will also keep them on their toes that is it for today guys.